10 tips for operating a successful career in the field of short-term leasing

Διαχείριση βραχυχρόνιων μισθώσεών

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See an estimate of the revenue that you can win!

360 lettings

360 Lettings
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If you are thinking of dealing with the short-term lease of your space, nowadays there are dozens of platforms for the promotion and promotion of your space. In recent years, short-term real estate rental has been on the rise. An important role in this development was played by the rapid growth of Airbnb. Thousands of property owners have noticed this market progress and wanted to deal with it. Several of these accommodations had amazing rental rates while others were mediocre. Over the years we have noticed what can contribute to the successful course of short-term Airbnb leases.

Quality photos make the difference

The time and money you are going to invest in taking photos is well worth it. The photos of your home will capture the character of your space, the surrounding area and all the amenities provided. It is beneficial to hire a professional photographer. Professional photos can help make your listing stand out from the crowd. And as we say a picture is a thousand words. Remember that no matter how good a job you have done, no matter how much effort and passion you have put in, your prospective guest will be able to perceive it only from quality and professional photos. Good photos bring more bookings!

Take time

Short-term compared to long-term rental of a property requires a significant commitment of time. Immediate and quality communication with your guest is a key point to ensure good reviews. Good reviews directly affect your next bookings. Be prepared to dedicate some of your time each day, because getting good reviews requires multiple interactions with the host. It is therefore necessary to pay constant attention to the notifications and your promptness in the answers.


The first impression is important, so friendliness is a big factor for the hosts. Successful hosts are often the ones who can imagine themselves as a guest. A good, friendly and pleasant reception, as well as the quick and pleasant answer to the questions that visitors have, create good relationships and increase the chances of choosing you, coming again, proposing you, writing you a good review. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is good to ask our guests if they want to receive them in person, otherwise they can enter the hosting area without any personal contact.

Personalized experience

In order to stand out on the promotion platforms, mention in detail what you offer in the space you rent. Nowadays due to teleworking in the main searches are the accommodations that have wifi and good internet speed. Remember that it is beneficial for our guest to be in an environment where the amenities provided meet his expectations. It will be good to point out the possibilities of the location of the accommodation such as if we have a house that is mainly recommended for families, it is useful to mention if there is a playground, supermarket, pharmacy, etc. near your location. This helps a lot in choosing your own accommodation over someone else.

Correct Pricing Policy

One of the main reasons why many guests rent your property is the fact that it is often a cheaper solution than staying in a hotel. Proper pricing of the listing can also increase the likelihood of bookings and in turn create a multiple revenue stream that is critical to the operation of a successful management. There are dynamic pricing algorithms used by travel accommodation management companies (360 Lettings.gr) and can help create competitive prices and increase your profits.

Response time

Creating template messages can help you save time when answering questions from potential visitors. Immediate response may increase the chances of potential visitors booking. 360 Lettings with the experience and training of its staff responds immediately to the messages of prospective visitors ensuring a quality communication with the immediate benefit of increasing bookings and therefore your revenue.

Installation of a remote locking system

If your guests wish to delay their arrival beyond the scheduled check-in time or wish to arrive at the selected accommodation without contact with third parties (this is mainly due to the covid-19 pandemic), it is helpful to have a key storage system or an automated door lock remote control system. This way, hosts will not have to wait until late at night to give their guests the keys. Guests can check in at the residence at any time.

Knowledge of the basic principles

The laws regarding the rental of a property differ from country to country. It is essential that you know the specific laws of your country for short-term rental. You will find important information in the Panhellenic Federation of Property Owners and in AADE .

Cleaning service

The cleanliness of your property is an important factor in reaching more and more visitors. A main reason for your guests to be completely satisfied is a clean and comfortable environment that you offer.


It’s a good idea to consider having board games, books, movies and entertainment options for your guests. In addition, make sure the kitchen has spices, coffee and tea. Some hosts will even have a bottle of wine for guests upon their first arrival. In addition, accommodations with high rental rates (eg villas) provide welcome gifts.


Airbnb has significantly changed the nature of the short-term rental market. Proper management of short-term rental accommodation can provide additional income for the hosts. To achieve this we must thoroughly apply at least the ten reasons mentioned by emphasizing each one individually. Our personal experience, our passion and the hospitality that distinguishes us will lead to an increase in bookings, an increase in good reviews and as a result an increase in revenue.

See an estimate of the revenue that you can win!

360 lettings

360 Lettings

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