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About Us

who we are

360 Lettings unlocks new possibilities in the management and promotion of tourist accommodation. We take care of our owners’ homes so that they can really enjoy their free time (and their home whenever they want). We also guarantee our guests to book a holiday in peace, knowing that they will find exactly what they are looking for without surprises.

With state-of-the-art technology, high-quality services in the industry and impeccable cooperation with the owners, your home will win five-star reviews. All of these together work to maximize revenue for our homeowners.

At 360 Lettings, our people are at the forefront. With the professionalism and care in every accommodation we undertake, our staff is available 24/7 for your service. We will be there at every step.

We believe that the best holidays are in strong local communities. Hospitality is a feature that represents us.

Our mission

“Every tourist accommodation we undertake, to create a beautiful memory for the guest and to bring maximum profits to the owner.”

About Us

How it all started

The idea for 360 Lettings was born around a table in a cottage. It started in 2019, when our founder was looking to find a real estate manager, who could offer professional solutions as well as strong financial returns, for a family cottage by the sea in Crete. He knew that there had to be a better way of managing tourist homes and offering visitors a great experience. So he decided to re-create the tourist accommodation management industry.

The market was ready for a company with a modern business approach – using technology and data analysis, it allowed the owners to save time and at the same time, maximize their revenue. 360 Lettings grew rapidly and from a house in Crete became a management company for tourist homes throughout Greece.

Today, 360 Lettings is one of the leading tourist accommodation management companies in Greece. We have big plans for the future, but our commitment remains true: to enable our owners, visitors and employees to invest in tourism and quality holiday facilities.

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What they say about us


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Stefanos Samaritis
Εξαιρετικοί επαγγελματίες. Συγχαρητήρια. Ασφάλεια και σιγουριά για την επιχείρηση
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Konstantinos Makrygiannakis
Εξαιρετικοί επαγγελματίες!αμεσότητα στην επικοινωνία και εγγύηση επιτυχίας στην αναβάθμιση της προβολής του καταλύματος
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George Xanthos
Από τότε που ανέλαβαν τη διαχείριση του τουριστικού μου καταλύματος σε airbnb και booking μου έλυσαν τα χέρια. Όχι μόνο αυξήθηκαν οι κρατήσεις μου , αλλά έχω εξοικονομήσει πολύ προσωπικό χρόνο και κόπο. Η διαχείριση δυο διαφορετικών πλατφορμων ηταν δύσκολη , ευτυχώς όχι πια. Ευχαριστώ 360 lettings!!!
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Kate Dial
Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ για τη συνεργασία. Εξαιρετικοί συνεργάτες με επαγγελματισμό και υπευθυνότητα. Διαχειρίστηκαν άψογα το κατάλυμά μου σε Airbnb και booking και έμεινα απόλυτα ικανοποιημένη τόσο από τη συνεργασία μας όσο και από τη σημαντική αύξηση των εσόδων μου!
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Γιώργος Φιλιππακης
Άψογη συνεργασία τα τελευταία 2 χρόνια!!
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