Airbnb property management & Booking

360 LETTINGS offers a set of services that help the immediate and permanent increase of your reservations and the growth of the income from your tourist accommodation. The team of experienced professionals in Airbnb property management take care of your immediate service and ensure the maximum possible performance of your property all year round. With many years of experience in managing tourist accommodation throughout Greece, we are your most confident choice. Our goal is common, to increase bookings and at the same time increase your income.

Airbnb property management​

Airbnb property management

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Channel & Manager

Now you can feel calm. All calendars and booking prices are synchronized automatically.

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Marketing & Planning

We promote your property through specialized SEO services * . All the procedures of registration and promotion of the property are responsible by our team.

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24/7 Online Support

Communication with our guests is of great importance from their booking until their departure.

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Our goal

The promotion of your property and the management of your reservations is our business!

360 Lettings with its innovative automation solutions, all the procedures of arrival, stay and departure of visitors become simple, while your presence is not required at all! You, of course, always keep control.

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Airbnb management & Booking
A new way to update your reservations

Easily and quickly through the application of 360 Lettings

360 Lettings with its innovative solutions, all procedures become simple. Checking and updating reservations is in your hands through a simple and easy-to-use application on your mobile or computer. Also through the application you can be informed in detail about the financial data of your property.

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Short Term Lease Management

Dynamic Pricing Algorithms

Save time and increase revenue with the dynamic pricing tool we provide. Dynamic pricing is a constant change of prices in real time, constantly analyzing the calendars and prices of hundreds of competitors in your area. The price propositions given by the dynamic pricing algorithms are designed to provide the highest possible value in the given time period.

Adjustment and pricing

Dynamic pricing algorithms

You can set different minimum rates for the weekends or for specific dates or per season, to ensure that our billing algorithm will not be lower than a certain percentage.

Adjust discounts on last minute bookings. Choose the pricing strategy that suits you best.

Apply discounts to cover the empty days in your calendar or apply a different pricing policy to charge more for shorter stays.

Our system analyzes and adjusts pricing strategy trends per day for the specific area where your accommodation is located, but allows you to make any adjustments you wish.

Dynamic pricing algorithms adjust prices based on the occupancy of the accommodation area. But you always have the control and the adjustment of the prices.

Dynamic Pricing

Take Your Property to A New Height

Your profit is our profit! Promoting your property is a serious matter for us. The specialized team consisting of marketing expert developers in the field of tourism are the most trained to maximize the promotion and revenue of your tourist property.

360 Lettings | Airbnb management

Web Design

We undertake the creation of your own website, so that you can receive direct bookings.

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360 Lettings - Villa Management

Sales consulting

Through the specialized staff in the field of tourism marketing, we provide you with specialized consulting support.

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Professional photography

By collaborating all over Greece with the most specialized architectural photography photographers, we provide you with competitive prices and photos that can increase the booking of the accommodation.