Quotation marks

This text constitutes the entire agreement between the contractor of the electronic real estate promotion services described herein (hereinafter: “Client” or simply “you”) and the sole proprietorship of Nikolas Foukarakis. based in Gouves N. Heraklion, on Thermopylon Street, with Tax Identification Number 063346179 and Heraklion Tax Office (hereinafter: ” 360 Lettings ” or “us”).

Your acceptance of these Terms, in conjunction with the completion of the Submission Form and the sending or uploading of a color electronic copy or color photocopy of your police ID to 360 Lettings, constitutes your valid agreement with 360 Lettings, as long as it is valid. in writing from both parties.

By accepting these 360 Lettings Terms of Service, you declare responsibly and guarantee to 360 Lettings that you are the owner (master / usufructuary) or that you have acquired a legal right from the owner (eg as a subletor) of the person / s described in the Property Data Submission Form (hereinafter: the “Property”), instructing you to delegate its electronic management to 360 Lettings as described below. In the event of a false declaration, 360 Lettings reserves the right to withhold the entire amount it has collected on your behalf until the dispute is finally settled, subject to legal action for damages and pecuniary satisfaction.

1. Object of the Services

1.1 With this contract the Customer assigns to 360 Lettings the online processing of reservations, the promotion and promotion of the Property, in order to make the best possible use in the market of short-term rentals.

1.2 For the purposes of this contract and throughout, the Customer provides 360 Lettings with the express mandate and authority to represent it to third parties in any manner, including the creation and posting of an online profile on behalf of the Customer with all necessary information. of himself and the Property, framed descriptions, photographs, etc. as well as the communication with the interested visitors for the Property under the Customer’s Name, at its absolute discretion, in cooperating short-term real estate leasing platforms (as, indicatively and not restrictively, AirBnb Booking.com , 360 lettings or any other of the partner platforms deemed appropriate by 360 Lettings, hereinafter referred to as “Platforms”) or wherever it deems appropriate, with the aim of more effective promotion and promotion of the Property.

1.3 It is clarified that from the conclusion of this contract the ownership status of the Property is not changed in any way nor are the Customer’s rights for its exploitation affected, regardless of 360 Lettings, provided that this exploitation does not conflict with the obligations it undertakes. with the present.

2. Obligations and rights of the parties

2.1 360 Lettings undertakes the obligation to provide to the Customer services of online registration, promotion and representation of the Property and the representation of the Customer, and in particular the following services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”):

a) Undertakes to post on online platforms for short-term rental of real estate, all the information about the Property that it deems necessary for its promotion and more effective management. For this purpose, 360 Lettings has the right to proceed with its own actions to collect data from public sources, both for the Property and its area, to photograph it and to compile relevant descriptions. The information collected and the texts created under this term remain the sole property of 360 Lettings (see also Article 5).

b) Undertakes the communication with the prospective visitors under the name of the Customer in the context of the effort of the promotion of the Property.

c) Undertakes the payment of all kinds of reservations from the online Platforms, the collection of rents and their return to the Customer, after withholding its fee, as defined in article 3 hereof.

d) Undertakes to pay the rents due to the Customer each time, within a period of seven (7) working days from the disbursement of rents from each Platform to his bank account or PayPal account notified to 360 Lettings with the Data Submission Form. Any commissions for the transfer of money are borne by the Customer.

2.2 It is expressly agreed that 360 Lettings will be the sole beneficiary of any promotional incentives that may arise from the posting of the Property on the Platforms. The Customer acknowledges that he has no right to such promotional incentives, in any case expressly waiving any relevant claim.

2.3 The Customer undertakes the obligation to take care of keeping the Property available and in good condition. After the finalization of each reservation by 360 Lettings, the Customer bears the sole responsibility of its smooth processing. However, it reserves the right to exclude from the lease the free periods of the calendar of the Property of its child use, for a period of up to eight (8) months per year and up to twenty (20) days during the summer period, ie from June 1 to and September 30th of each year. The relevant notification of 360 Lettings should be made exclusively in writing, via e-mail or in any other way desired by the Customer (applies only to private properties rented with AMA).

For commercial real estate (with EOT mark) the customer to exclude without limit all the dates concerning reservations that he made in his own ways.

2.4 If the Customer wishes, he can set an indicative daily rent of the Property per period, by written or electronic communication with 360 Lettings, so that 360 Lettings can formulate the pricing policy of its operation accordingly. In any case, 360 Lettings, exploring market trends, reserves the right at its discretion to fluctuate the above indicative rent.

2.5 Cancellations. During the execution of this contract, the Customer agrees that in case of cancellation of a confirmed reservation or reduction of the amount of the reservation through his fault he will be charged exclusively with any amount (penalty clause) that may arise from the Platforms, while 360 Lettings is entitled to total percentage fee on canceled booking. In case of cancellation of the reservation by the guest – guest, an agreed cancellation policy of the Customer is applied, and if cancellation fees are collected by the Customer, 360 Lettings will be charged as defined in article 3 of its fee percentage on the cancellation fees.

3. Price of the provision of the Services

3.1 The fee of 360 Lettings for the Services described above is set at 15% of the net rent receivable of each booking * (not including the commission of the respective platform). Derogations from 360 Lettings fee percentage can be agreed with the Customer in writing or by e-mail. This amount will be collected and withheld from the rent, as described in section 2.1 b) and c) above. The same fee is due in cases of extension of a guest’s stay for which the Customer is obliged to immediately inform 360 Lettings. In case of cancellation of a confirmed reservation by the Customer, the fee of 360 Lettings amounts to the amount resulting under this term and in accordance with the original amount of the reservation, and will be deducted from the next disbursements.

4. Data protection

4.1 Customer Data. Personal data that you provide through the Data Submission Form to 360 Lettings (identity, contact details, account numbers, Property details), as well as transaction details relating to your Property, will be processed by us to fulfill the purpose of this agreement, that is, for your identification, the communication with you and the registration of your data in the Short-term real estate Leasing Platforms. Some of your data (eg VAT, Tax Office) will be used for the purpose of complying with our tax obligations. The provision of this data is a requirement for the conclusion of this contract. Your data is safely stored in electronic form locally in our offices and on the server of our website within the EU. for the entire duration of this contract, as well as after its expiration in any way, for as long as required by applicable law, and may be notified on a case by case basis: in accordance with the terms of each service, b) what is required each time to be posted publicly, to the public of the said Platforms, and c) to those 360 Lettings associates who are authorized to process them for the provision of their services to it (e.g. accounting or technical support) committed to maintaining confidentiality. You have the right at any time to request access to your files, their correction, as well as their deletion or restriction of their processing under the conditions of the General Data Protection Regulation (Reg. EU / 679/2016), while finally you have the right to file a complaint to the competent Authority for the Protection of Personal Data.

4.2 Visitor data. Furthermore, 360 Lettings will process on your behalf the personal data of the visitors – tenants who will choose their accommodation in your Property, whose online promotion you entrust hereby. 360 Lettings takes all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the visitor’s data and does not process it in any way other than to the extent and for the time period required for the smooth execution of the purposes of this contract.

5. Copyright

5.1 The 360 Lettings information collection operations described in Article 2.1a above are carried out at its discretion and at no cost to the Customer. All copyrights that may be created in this context (eg photographs of the Property and / or the area, texts, etc.) belong to and remain the exclusive intellectual property of 360 Lettings and its affiliates. As a result, 360 Lettings may make any use of the works without any notice to Customer. The Customer is not allowed to copy, republish or in any other way use these works except with the prior written permission of 360 Lettings.

5.2 In case of provision of any material (eg texts, photos, videos, etc.) by the Customer to 360 Lettings for use for the purposes of this contract:

a) The Customer declares and warrants that he is either the sole copyright holder of this material or that he has lawfully obtained permission from the proprietor to use the material described herein or that it is a third party copyrighted work, and

b) The Customer grants his explicit and irrevocable permission to 360 Lettings to use this material in any way it deems appropriate, by posting it freely on the internet, sending it to unknown recipients as part of promotions and generally promoting it. in any way it decides, to better serve the purposes of this Convention.

5.3 All content in any form, used in the listings of the Properties provided by 360 Lettings belongs to its exclusive intellectual property and the Customer has no right to use it in any way (eg copy, republish, etc.) without prior registration licensed by 360 Lettings.

6. Duration – Solution

6.1 The acceptance of these Terms of Service is a valid declaration of intent equivalent to the acceptance of 360 Lettings’ proposal for a contract. Consequently, your contract with 360 Lettings enters into force upon submission of the Submission Form with your simultaneous acceptance of these Terms, subject to receipt of a color electronic copy or a color photocopy of your police ID, as described in section E of this contract.

6.2 The contract is agreed for an indefinite period and can be terminated at any time by written notice from any of the parties, notified to the contractor in writing. However, in the event of termination of the contract before the expiration of (2) summer periods from its entry into force, 360 Lettings reserves the right to withhold the guarantee, as described in the following article (7). Written notice also means sending an e-mail. Following the termination, 360 Lettings will proceed with the removal of all suspensions of the Property on the collaborating Platforms and assumes no responsibility for further suspensions of the Property resulting from collaborations between the collaborating Platforms and third party companies. In case of any pending reservations concerning the lease of the Property for the period after the expiration of the contract, the results of the termination occur after the processing and liquidation.

7. Limitation of liability

7.1 Although 360 Lettings provides high quality promotional services always seeking the best result, by accepting these Terms of Service you acknowledge that no warranty, express or implied, is provided by it to achieve any goal.

In particular, we do not guarantee that your Property will be leased or that it will be leased throughout the term of this contract or that you will obtain any income from the assignment of its management to 360 Lettings.

7.2 Further, you understand and agree that 360 Lettings is not responsible for the booking, payment, cancellation, refund, etc. policies. following the Platforms in which your Property will be registered, nor for any collaborations of the parent companies, therefore can not be held liable to you for any positive or negative damage you may incur, as a consequence of these policies or collaborations.

7.3 It is clarified that the signing of this contract does not establish any partnership or other guarantee relationship between the Customer and 360 Lettings. The Customer remains solely responsible to the visitors – tenants of his Property for the smooth processing of their stay at the Property and for the type and quality of the Services provided by him.

7.4 In addition, the customer is solely liable to any third party who makes claims regarding the fruits of the exploitation of the Property, for which you declare responsibility (see Quotations) and guarantee to 360 Lettings that you are the owner or that you have acquired a legal right from the owner. at the signing of this contract. It is reiterated that in the event of a false declaration, 360 Lettings reserves the right to withhold the total amount it has received on your behalf until the dispute is finally settled, subject to full legal damages and pecuniary damages.

7.5 Given the nature and volume of information on the Internet, under any circumstances and for any reason, including negligence, 360 Lettings shall not be liable for any damages, lost profits or non-pecuniary damage resulting from its use, availability or unavailability. services and contents of the Platforms in which the Property will be registered. Customer acknowledges and accepts that it has no claim against 360 Lettings, its employees and associates for any discontinuation or termination of the operation or services of any Platform. 8.6 Neither party shall be held liable to the other in the event of failure to fulfill any of the obligations arising from this contract due to force majeure.

8. Applicable law and other terms

The above Terms of Service of 360 Lettings, as well as any subsequent modification thereof, are governed by Greek law. For any dispute that arises between the parties, the effort of out-of-court and conciliation of the dispute is necessary. In case this is not possible, the dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Heraklion.

All of the above terms are considered essential. Any provision of the above terms is deemed illegal, cease to be valid, without prejudice to the validity of the other terms.

This constitutes the entire agreement between 360 Lettings and the Customer. 360 Lettings reserves the right to modify its Terms of Service in accordance with the policies of the company. In case of modification, any changes will be notified to the Customer either in writing or electronically, who will have to accept them in order for the cooperation to continue smoothly.

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